Mission Statement & Philosophy

Oak Grove School District 68 Mission Statement

Educating and inspiring students to reach their full potential.

We Believe…

  • Children are our primary focus: each has value and unique potential
  • In facing challenges and learning from outcomes
  • Individuals learn in a safe and engaging physical and emotional environment
  • Collaboration among children, staff, administration and community enhances learning
  • Differentiated instruction provides opportunities to maximize learning
  • In collaborative communication 
  • In providing unique educational opportunities


  • We will abide by policies and district governance documents
  • We will comply with external mandates
  • We will be prudent stewards of all the school’s resources
  • We will hold each other accountable for high professional standards
  • We will execute our master facility plan consistent with our educational standards
  • No program or service will be accepted or continued or discontinued unless it is consistent with our Strategic Plan


Strategic Governance Model

Board of Education

  • Strategic Role
    To set the organizational vision, targets, aspirations and policies


  • Tactical Role
    To develop planning steps, cost benefit analysis, timing of strategy implementation and deployment

Teacher/Educational Support Personnel

  • Operational Role
    To implement changes and strategic initiatives in classrooms